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  • Testimonials

    Cathy reminds you of who you are and then coaches you to allow your true self to shine. Working with Cathy, you will recognize how to name your emotion which ultimately builds fulfilling relationships with others. Be assured that Cathy’s techniques require deep reflection with the outcome of a more vital awareness of the person you are called to be!

    – CY, Chief Nursing Officer

    Cathy is an incredible coach who came into my life at the exact right time. She leads with empathy and honesty, equal parts tough love and cheerleader. Working with Cathy has made me a better Leader, Co-Worker, Parent, and Husband. Her approach to “Authentic Leadership” feels perfectly suited to the needs of the modern-day work environment.

    – BE Vice President of Global Product & Design Research & Development

    Cathy provided a DISC Management training workshop for my team and she was fantastic. Highly engaging, knowledgeable and dynamic. Our team loved the workshop, benefited from Cathy’s expertise and continue to find practical utility from what they’ve learned. I would highly recommend seeking Cathy for any group or individual leadership and management development and coaching needs.

    – OM, Chief Network Officer

    My work with Cathy was exactly what I needed, when I needed it. Cathy’s unique way of creating a space for discovery helped me to see the true value in myself and my relationships. Cathy provided me with insightful conversation and specific tools, to help me to do the necessary work to reach my goals, and to establish an honest vision for my life, personally and professionally. Cathy has inspired me to live a full life in the present while preparing for my future.

    – KS, Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer

    Being a numbers kind of guy I often lacked the ability to have authentic communication with my team. Working with Cathy and using the knowledge gained from assessments and coaching has helped me to become a better leader. I’m now interested in people and not just the numbers. Thank you Cathy for helping me find the balance.

    – GM, Chief Financial Officer

    When I started coaching with Cathy I was a “manager” in a leadership role. Being in this role as a Director I had to learn how to motivate and inspire others to be their best instead of managing thier tasks. I could not effefectively do that for my team without first learning what motivates and inspires me. Cathy created a place of self-awareness and discovery. Coaching has allowed me to become an authentic leader who has given himself permission to bring all of me to work everyday. Thank you Cathy for taking this journey with me.

    – KD, Pharmacy Director

    Coaching with Cathy helped me to deal with significant burnout with my job and career as a family physician. I was going through each day feeling very pessimistic, frustrated, and fatigued. Cathy’s coaching helped me to release my frustration and better manage my emotions. She helped me to stop dwelling on the past and future, and begin focusing more on the present. I was able to learn a great deal about myself and realize and follow my true passion and drive.

    – Julian Anderson, MD

    Cathy’s passion, knowledge and experience coalesce to create an engaging coaching style. She helped me to better understand and deploy my own strengths and talents as a coach and as a leader. Through her guidance, I learned to trust my instincts while honing my leadership skills. I have been able to confidently apply my new skills to both my professional and personal life with positive results! I strongly recommend Cathy as a coach for anyone looking to grow professionally, personally, and spiritually.”

    – Kristen K. Brown, MD, MMM, Vice President Physician Network

    Engaging and enthusiastic, Cathy Mott has challenged me and my team to be our best selves. Through understanding leadership principles, our own tendencies, and the tendencies of others on our team, we are growing and improving for the benefit of the enterprise we lead and the people we serve. Our organization will be better off for having engaged Cathy’s expertise.

    -HT, President & CEO