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  • Mary “Toni” Flowers MBA, DHL, CCDP, CDM, SEIC

    Dr. Toni Flowers is a Senior Executive that has amassed a very diverse skill set which enables her to work collaboratively across many disciplines. She is an Award-Winning, Certified Diversity Professional with credentials from both Cornell and Georgetown Universities. Her dedication to continuous learning has gained her a reputation among her peers as “a national thought leader”, a “strategic innovator” and a “skillful executive coach”.

    Toni is passionate about the sacredness of the human experience. She views individuals as unique creations, priceless masterpieces, each possessing hidden treasure within. She has a keen ability to identify and unearth areas of personal and professional growth and development.

    Organizational Culture Change:  As former Chief Experience Officer, she has served to design and implement organization wide strategic change.  Toni has been honored to be the inaugural Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer on two separate occasions. She is the co-chair and a member of the Executive Committee and faculty of the American Hospital Association’s, Institute for Diversity and Health Equity’s: American Leadership Council for Diversity in Healthcare. She also serves as lecturer and executive coach for fellows of the Institute for Diversity & Health Equity’s Certification in Diversity Management Program. In this capacity, she develops executives into Diversity & Inclusion professionals across the country in the creation of organizational diversity/disparities strategic action plans. Toni has also served as an exclusive member of the Human Capital Executive Research Board of Talent Management and Diversity Executive magazines.  She has served as a judge for Diversity Executive magazine’s 2014, 2015 & 2016 Diversity Value Index, which is a national benchmarking tool.

    Training & Executive Coaching: Toni’s global perspective of Diversity & Inclusion and her experiences as a cultural specialist enables her to provide training sessions that are engaging, enlightening and educational.  Toni received cultural competency training from the National Multicultural Institute, health literacy training from the American Medical Association Foundation and diversity training from Georgetown and Cornell University as well as New Detroit’s Multicultural Leadership Emersion Series.  Additionally, she is a Crucial Conversations® Trainer, Just Culture® Facilitator and an Executive Coach.  As an executive coach her area of specialty and certification is Social and Emotional Intelligence (EQ), which is considered the greatest determinant of personal success.

    She is a former research-fellow with the National Institutes of Mental Health: Career Opportunities in Research and has traveled as a medical missionary and trainer for over twenty-five years, working in many countries throughout Africa, South America, and the West Indies.  She provides professional problem solving for clients using change management strategies, qualitative and quantitative research tools and multivariate analysis of data.  It is her collaborative approach that has proven successful while partnering with senior leaders, various clients and internal & external stakeholders.