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  • Jennifer Kraft, PHR, CCMP

    With over 20 years of cross-functional human resource and human experience work, Jennifer has a broad view of how diversity objectives support not only the individual but the corporate culture as well. She is a certified human resource professional and change management practitioner who is passionate about the work she does in the design, development, management and implementation of programs that engage employees, create sustainable change, improve inclusivity and most importantly, the employee experience.

    Her entrepreneurial history gives her the distinctive ability to be agile, respond to change with grace and effectiveness, and live out a winning spirit.

    Industry Experience

    Jennifer has increasingly complex people-centered experience with small start-ups as well as large, global organizations participating and leading training, development and diversity efforts. Her diversity and inclusion work has focused on the development and implementation of out-of-the-box recruitment strategies as well as talent management programs. She implements best practices in order to foster relationships with universities in order to expand recruitment efforts to traditionally underrepresented students. Her infectious energy and motivational spirit allows her to connect with varied personality types in order to strengthen relationships with faculty and diversity-based student organizations to create distinctive outreach programs and events.

    Jennifer’s creativity leads her to develop mentorship programs that mature skills and create opportunities for marginalized talent to have visibility with leadership that would otherwise be overlooked. She collaborates with teams and individuals in developing diversity and inclusion goals that become key factor in the performance process. She successfully collaborates with leadership to ensure these goals are on equal footing with other organizational goals. Additionally, she coaches leadership on mitigating biases where they are most likely to occur: during the selection and hiring process, points of assessment and points of promotion.

    Jennifer has elevated her Native American heritage by building business resource groups to address the concerns of a voiceless minority. She also develops programs for Women’s Networking business resource groups, creates mentorship opportunities for the Asia/Asia Pacific resource group and leads Diversity Day efforts across the Americas region.

    She accomplishes all of this easily because she is a Social & Emotional Intelligence coach-in-training, and deeply understands how to create safe spaces that guide people through change.