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  • Emotional Intelligence Coaching

    Emotional Intelligence Coaching begins with an assessment that will measure your emotional intelligence in the four quadrants of EI:

    (1) Self-awareness

    (2) Self-management

    (3) Awareness of Others

    (4) Relationship Management

    After taking the assessment there will be a debriefing. Based on your scores you will work together with your coach to create a coaching action plan for development. Emotional Intelligence Coaching is designed to help individuals understand on a deeper level what it means to embody social and emotional intelligence and create a plan to help you reach your goals in the EI space.

    Look at what Cathy’s clients have said:

    “Being a numbers kind of guy I often lacked the ability to have authentic communication with my team. Working with Cathy and using the knowledge gained from the Emotional Intelligence assessment and coaching has helped me to become a better leader. I’m now interested in people and not just the numbers. Thank you Cathy for helping me find the balance.”

    – GM, Chief Financial Officer